My aim is to share the wonders of the natural world with others, and to help them see the beauty that surrounds us. My hope is that we might preserve it for future generations.

Jon Baker was born in Somerset, England in 1978. He first picked up a camera aged 8, and became fixated with taking pictures of the family pet cat.

However Jon's early enthusiasm for photography was sadly forgotten and he went on to obtain a first class degree in Mathematics, qualified as an accountant and pursued a career in the city. However at the age of 23 Jon took a career break to spend 18 months traveling the world and during this time he rediscovered his passion for photography, albeit with a different subject matter. He fell in love with nature and mountainous landscapes and became obsessed with returning to special locations over and over again to capture their natural beauty in perfect light. Jon believes that patience and waiting for the right light are absolutely crucial to creating great images.

Jon has developed a particular photographic style, focusing on panoramic images taken with a medium format film camera.

After 7 years building a portfolio of wonderful landscape images in his spare time, Jon left city life in 2010 to follow a full time photography career.

Jon’s equipment of choice for capturing the light on the landscape is a Fuji GX617 medium format panoramic camera and a Canon 5D Mk II.