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Waterloo Bridge View

Waterloo Bridge

I captured this shot of the London city skyline on a blustery weekend a few weeks back. I've only just got round to processing it, as I initially thought it a write off due to wind induced camera shake. Waterloo Bridge must be the windiest place in London and always seems to conspire against me. To my surprise it was perfectly sharp and I am quite pleased with it. The pink and dark clouds in shot add lovely colour but it was the cloud out of shot behind me that made the image for me. It adds a wonderful warm glow to all of the buildings. I also like the contrast of St Paul's against the dark stormy cloud. I took a shot a few minutes later with some light illuminating Canary Wharf, sadly the pink clouds were gone.

The wind was too much for my film panoramic camera so I created this from 7 vertical shots on my digital camera and stitched them together. Very little else was done in post processing, aside from the normal curve and colour correction tweaks.

From left to right of the shot are the following: St Paul's Cathedral, Tower 42, the Gerkin, Blackfriars Bridge, Canary Wharf and lastly but not least the Oxo Tower.